Funding eCampaigning in Kenya

Tonee Ndungu shared with the 2009 eCampaigning Forum how he and his team are engaging and educating youth in Kenya. Now he is back in Kenya and asked for advice to get funding to continue the work - and Patrick of Action Medical Research took up his call and 19 hours later...

Tonee's Email to the ECF Network list:

Jambo from Kenya,

I need your advice on funding sources for Wazimba website development. This will help us attract and involve Kenyan youth in sharing their stories on political issues in Kenya as part of a political education and engagement process leading up to the next national elections.

Those of you at ECF09 will know some of the work we've been doing in Kenya both around the violence here last year and in using bluetooth to engage people in political and social issues.  Our (organisational) and (social network) websites are working to engage Kenyan youth in political issues and provide a safe space for them to speak out through sharing their stories. This is important in a place where what you say can end up getting you in various measures of trouble (Kenya).

Over the next three weeks before Kenyan schools open (24 April) we are running a large number of social events where we are promoting the sites to attract them to the websites. To do this, we need £1,000 GBP (about €1,100 Euros or $1,500 US dollars) to fund site improvements. Do you know of any grants or funding sources for this type of work?

Since a fibre optic cable will be connected to Kenya in July, there is a huge demand from web companies to build sites with lots of video and flash. This means no pro-bono work is happening from the companies that provided the original sites.  Funding would get us on their priority list to get the work done.  It would also allow us to get our bluetooth ideas and technology (which we shared at ECF09) out there and open source it much faster.

I'm open to suggestions for getting this funding, but I'm not sure where to start looking.



Ps. I really am related to Obama..he just doesn't call back. He owes me money.. :-)

What Happened Next...

Patrick, from Action Medical Research, then replied to the list (and via twitter) proposing everyone contribute small amount to raise the £1,000 Tonee needed:

Hey guys,

I'll put in £20 for this if four other people will do the same - email me!


..and in less than an hour, £470 was pledged. By 11am the next day, the £1,000 goal had been reached and £1200 had been pledged.


FairSay collected the contributions and covered both the processing fee each system below takes (up to £40 on £1,000) and the bank transfer charges to Kenya (about £33).

by Duane Raymond published Apr 09, 2009,
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This is Tonee's reaction when he found out :-)

Good Lord!

I just walked into a cyber- cafe in town from one of the campaigning functions we are doing over the Easter holiday after my workmate Jerome checked my mail last night (at midnight) and saw what you guys were doing. I am humbled and dumb-founded at the same time. What does a brotha say really? Thank you sounds so what you say to someone when they hold a door open for you. I am grateful in an all sorts of ways. I am sorry I could not get back to you faster...I don't have net on my phone that is efficient. Really apologize for that. But next week, I will be happy to keep all of you updated, pictures and the will really put up the website!

I really have nothing to say that can express my gratitude. Duane, Patrick, yeah..what can I say? Thank you is all i have man..but I really appreciate the love!

from a totally humbled and grateful dude.

Happy Easter Rafikis (friends in Swahili)


  • Apr 13, 2009 04:09 pm