Digital Leadership Forum 2013

Digital Leadership Forum 2013

Connect and developing NGO digital managers' leadership capabilities and confidence
Digital Managers
St. Anne's College, Oxford, UK
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The Digital Leadership Forum is a gathering of NGO digital managers to discuss, share and develop their knowledge and confidence to lead their organisations's digital initiatives and transformations. It builds on the models and success of the annual eCampaigning Forum (ECF).

The day will be half leadership development lead by an experienced leadership facilitator and half peer-to-peer sharing on issues of mutual interest to explore the challenges and ways forward. Two opening speakers on leadership will help stimulate discussion.  Overall, the day is designed to give participants the confidence, network and tools to learn and improve the art and science of leadership. With this knowledge, participants will not only be better prepared to help lead organisations' digital transformations, but their organisations' ability to deepen and broaden their activities and impact.


Over the last two decades, digital networks and tools have steadily required organisations and individuals to adopt new working principles and practices. The digital pioneers who helped organisations adapt are now in management roles. However little investment has been made in their leadership development and organisations are still struggling with how to benefit from digital opportunities.

Digital trends are now forcing previously independent parts of the organisation to innovate and coordinate faster than ever before.  Yet senior managers are often at a loss of how to achieve this while digital managers don't have the authority or resources to support this change. Meanwhile new organisations designed around digital principles and practices are seizing the opportunities.


Time Wednesday March 13, 2013
19:30 Pre Digital Leadership Forum Dinner
21:00 Pub
Time Thursday March 14, 2013
09:00 Welcome & Introduction

Introductions from the group. An introduction to the broad purpose of the day followed by the collation of individuals needs and aims in relation to this.

  • What is Digital Leadership and why is it needed? - Duane Raymond
  • Perceptions of the need for Digital Leadership
09:15 Presentation & Workshop:
  • Experiences of Developing a Global Digital Strategy - Branislava Milosevic (WSPA International)
10:15 Stories of leadership
Participants share a short description of an important leader in their life. This helps identify key characteristics of leadership on which participants will start exploring influencing and communicating change. This will be translated into organisational leadership and participant's role as managers with high digital expertise and the different challenges and opportunities this role holds.
11:15 Break
11:30 Influencing stakeholders
This session will provide a clear means of mapping stakeholders and identifying strategies to engage those offering different levels of influence and support. Participants are invited to develop their own stakeholder map based on a current project or change programme they are leading. This is then informed by a briefing on a stakeholder matrix considering the differing levels of support and influence and how to influence these different types. Participants would work in small groups to explore their own relationships in depth using the matrix to inform their diagnosis of current challenges and identify steps to influence key relationships.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 The change process
Many people will be trying to lead change projects in each organisation. Participants look at the process of engaging people in change in more depth via change models. This culminates in the opportunity for participants to put together a compelling and engaging change message or elevator pitch. This would be based on their analysis of their stakeholders as well as the change model(s) we look at. Everyone would have the opportunity to practise this and get feedback in small groups.
14:15 Open Space Introduction and Agenda Setting
14:30 Open Space Session: see methodology
15:45 Break
16:00 Digital Leadership Closing
16:15 Panel: Digital Civil Society in 2022 led by Karina Brisby
16:45 Review and Closing Session
17:30 Forum ends
Leadership Facilitator

Sarah FraserSarah works with value driven organisations through coaching, leadership development and team facilitation to enable people to learn and achieve measurable results throughout periods of change.

Her expertise in based on work with a broad range of commercial, public sector and not-for-profit organisations in the design and delivery of high impact development programmes. She has become a trusted advisor with leading not-for-profit organisations such as Amnesty International and designed bespoke development programmes for public sector organisations, including DEFRA. This is partnered with experience in managing talent development programmes for major global investment banks and pharmaceuticals.

Sarah's passion lies in developing leaders through facilitation, coaching and action learning. She is currently studying at Ashridge Business School for the Masters in Organisational Change, having been inspired by her work in recent years. This builds on a strong foundation of work with individuals and teams to promote culture change and drive high performance. Her approach includes the design and facilitation of strategy design processes working with large groups of trustees, senior managers and stakeholders, as well as behaviour and values driven culture change programmes with individuals at all levels. Her close working relationships with clients enables flexibility of ideas and options for the development programmes, with the ability to influence key stakeholders and build a vision of what is possible.

Sarah specialises in a number of core organisational leadership skill areas including strategic leadership, high impact communication skills, change management and action learning facilitation. She has six years experience of working on large-scale culture and leadership design and programme delivery projects using diagnostics tools, running assessment centres, as well as one-to-one coaching. Working with individuals and teams, her focus is always on finding approaches that people can immediately bring into their day-to-day roles.

Previously, Sarah worked for the leading consultancy for the not-for-profit sector, The Management Centre, as the Senior Learning and Development Consultant.

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