eCampaigning Forum 2013

eCampaigning Forum 2013

The event for campaigning innovators, influencers and mavericks to connect, share and learn together.


Date Time
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Tue 12 March
09:30-17:00 TrainingeCampaigning Overview: by FairSay (St Anne's College)
09:30-17:00 TrainingCampaigning Master Class: by Chris Rose (St Anne's College)

09:30-17:00 Training: Lessons from Obama 2012 with Amelia Showalter, former Obama Campaign 2012 Director of Digital Analytics

09:30-17:00 Other Pre Meetings: Suggest one you want run (St Anne's College, Oxford)
19:30 Informal dinner for eCampaigning Forum participants to kick-start connections and conversations (St Anne's College)
21:00+ Connect at Pub for eCampaigning Forum participants to kick-start connections and conversations (St Anne's College, Oxford)
Date Time 2013 Global eCampaigning Forum (ECF)
Wed 13 March
09:00 Registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:15 Welcome, introduction and agenda review (Room: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre)
09:30 Speakers (Room: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre):
  1. Obama 2012: Lessons from a data-driven campaign Amelia Showalter, former Director of Digital Analytics at President Obama’s re-election campaign.
  2. Fundraising for campaigns and campaigners Hannah Lownsbrough, Campaigns Director, 38Degrees
10:30 Peer-to-peer Topic Introduction and speed meeting
11:00 Tea/Coffee Break
11:15 Open Space agenda setting
11:45 Small Groups Session 1: Peer-to-peer discussions Suggested topics have come from input. Actual topics depend on what people 'claim' (see methodology).
12:45 Lunch and individual discussions
A: Presentation B: Presentation C: Workshop

How one person can launch a people powered movement - Lucy Holmes, No More Page 3 campaign

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre

Unions and campaigners: Time for an honest conversation - Eric Lee (LabourStart) & Anita Gardner (IndustriALL Global Union)

Seminar Room 7

Supporter journeys: sharing approaches - Duane Raymond (FairSay)

Seminar Room 9

14:45 Small Groups Session 2: see methodology
16:00 Tea/coffee break
16:15 Small Groups Session 3: see methodology
17:30 Special Presentation: 
No Dash for Gas - NDFG campaigners

Ignite-Style Talks
(7 min. each)
Room: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre
  • Making campaigning pay for itself Rachel Collinson - Engaging Networks
  • Facebook page reach Tomas Kovacs - Greenpeace CEE
  • Surveillance, Censorship and Copyright: How digital rights issues affect the ECF community Ruth Coustick - Open Rights Group Presenting three of Open Rights Group's biggest issues,  the direct and immediate effect they are  having on campaigners' ability to challenge the status quo, and what we can do about it.
  • "Back to the future" how to fight corruption using the elections Eugenio Orsi - Latte Creative. Making an effective and binding link between electors and candidates. 150.000 signatures, 1.000 candidates, 1 law.
  • The 7-minute campaign website Ben Clowney and Ross Wintle - HandsUp 
    Can we build a campaign website before the horn goes off? Let's find out.
18:30 Formal end of day 1
19:30 ECF dinner at St Anne's College
21:00 Pub, St Anne's College
ECF 2013 Day 2 + Digital Leadership Forum (DLF)
Thu 14 March
08:45 Arrival, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00 Day Two Agenda Review & Open Space Agenda Setting
A: Presentation B: Presentation

Developing a Global Digital Strategy - Branislava Milosevic (WSPA International)

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre

VW Darkside - how Greenpeace Won - James Sadri

Seminar Room 9

10:15 Small Groups Session 4: see methodology
11:15 Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 Small Groups Session 5: see methodology
12:30 Lunch and individual discussions
A: Presentation B: Presentation

Working with Bloggers
How to work effectively with bloggers and build an effective blogger outreach program. 
- Karina Brisby

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre

Experiences in re-activating supporters - Glyn Thomas, WDM

Seminar Room 9

14:30 Small Groups Session 6 (Leadership Themed): see methodology
15:45 Tea/Coffee Break
16:00 Group Activity
16:15 Panel: Digital Civil Society in 2022 led by Karina Brisby
16:45 Closing Session (Room: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre)
17:30 Event formally ends
19:00 Self-organised Dinner and drinks in Oxford (for those staying around)
Related Post Meetings / Events
Fri 15 March
Oxford / London
09:30-17:00 Post Meetings: Plan one if you want one


The actual topics will be determined by which ones attract the most interest at the event (see methodology).

Choosing your topics

On day one, everyone will have the chance to propose topics. There are multiple time slots for small-group topics, (covering 75% of the event agenda). While time-slots exist, its a fluid process as groups may split if they're too large, or have too much to cover and people can move between groups during the same time-slot.


Find out more about the Facilitators and the methodology used at the eCampaigning Forum.


101 people participated in ECF 2013 with 49 of those having participated in past ECF events. See the list of who was there.

Sponsored by

Engaging Networks

Facilitator: Jess Day

Jess is an content and strategy consultant, working in particular on online campaigning. An eCampaigning Forum regular from the start, Jess has helped with the organisation of the last four conferences.

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