ECF 2016: NGO Peer Knowledge Exchange

Digital. Campaigning. Fundraising. Volunteering. Leadership. Media. Where thought leaders come to learn.

At ECF, you set your agenda and we help you find others who share it. Speakers and panels are there to provoke thought. Result: you learn more and connect with more people. This is the way events should be.

Who should come?

21st campaigning is increasingly shown to be successful not because a team of campaign experts run it, but by project teams with diverse expertise, often campaigners, fundraisers, volunteer managers, media officers, policy experts, digital experts/innovators and beyond. ECF is one of the few events that brings this mix of people together to connect, share and learn from each other on how to influence change.

ECF runs on ‘Chatham House Rules’ (= nothing is attributed without permission) so everybody can freely talk about their failures and successes.

If there is a topic you’re itching to learn about or to share, come along and suggest the session. ECF is the place to find others who share your interests.

Draft Agenda

Mon Apr 11

Digital Leadership Forum (DLF) Day One + Trainings


DLF Day 1: Digital Leadership Forum led by Branislava Milosevic


19:30 Dinner: Kick-start connections and conversations with workshop/training participants (Location TBC)

Tue Apr 12

Digital Leadership Forum Day Two + Trainings


DLF Day 2: Digital Leadership Forum led by Branislava Milosevic



ECF 'Open Space Leadership' briefing

This informal pre-dinner session will offer those with experience of ECF or other peer-exchange or Open Space type events
  • A chance to share ideas and tips on successful Open Space groups
  • Review the potential agenda topics and themes that emerge from the participant questionnaires with a fun topic-sorting exercise
  • Help start to shape the ECF agenda.
Open to all, though a working knowledge of Open Space methodology will be assumed.
19:30-20:30 Dinner: Kick-start connections and conversations with ECF participants (Keble College dining room)
21:00+ Connect to kick-start connections and conversations (Keble College pub)

Wed Apr 13

eCampaigning Forum (ECF) 2016 Day One

Sponsored by
Engaging Networks Care2 Torchbox campaignfilm
Time Summary
07:30 A morning walk or run for early risers in beautiful Oxford or Oxford University Parks. Meet at Keble College main reception
08:00 Participants in on-site accommodation: Breakfast & registration & discussion (dining room)
08:45 Participants in off-site accommodation: registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00 Welcome, introduction and agenda review (Room: O'Reilly Theatre)

ECF 2016 Opening Speakers (Room: O'Reilly Theatre):
  1. Sex, Politics and Religion - How We Won Marriage in Ireland and the USA
    (Thalia Zepatos and Dr Grainne Healy)
  2. Future-ready: responding to a fast-changing world (David Bent, Forum for the Future)


Introduction to Open Space

10:30 Coffee/tea break
11:00 Ice Breaker + Open Space Agenda Setting
11:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange A
12:30 Lunch (dining room)
13:30 Peer Presentations
14:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange B
15:30 Coffee/tea break
16:00 Skills Marketplace
17:00 Ignite Talks (7 minutes each):
  • Protestors' rights - video FAQ (Beth Granter)
  • Thriving during a storm - a map for getting through (Patrick Olszowski)
  • Dealing with the backlash: sexual and reproductive rights campaigning in Macedonian (Drashko Kostovski)
  • How to stay sane in an 'always-on' digital campaigning environment (Jessie Mawson)
  • Walking the campaign tightrope: long-term vision v quick wins (Pippa Woolnough)
  • The $40,000 Challenge: Unleashing Your Google Ad Grant (Phil McMinn)

Care2 Impact Awards Winner Presentation.

18:30 Speed Pitching & Apero
Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)
  1. Engaging Networks, Graham Covington
  2. Care2, Rhiannan Sullivan and Beth Granter
  3. Torchbox, Phil McMinn and Chris Whalen
  4. ControlShiftLabs, Nathan Woodhull
  5. Campaignfilm, Andrew Davies
  6. FairSay, Duane Raymond
  7. more onion, FlorianEngel and Glyn Thomas
  8. Hand Up, Ben Clowney
  9. Alter Eco, Richard Roaf
  10. Rachel Collinson, Donor Whisperer
  11. Blue State Digital, Ali Walker
  12. University of Westminster, Michaela O'Brien
20:00 Dinner (Dining room)
21:00+ Keble College Pub

Thu Apr 14

eCampaigning Forum (ECF) 2016 Day Two

Time Summary
07:30 A morning walk or run for early risers in beautiful Oxford or Oxford University Parks. Meet at Keble College main reception
08:00 Participants in on-site accommodation: Breakfast & registration & discussion (dining room)
08:45 Participants in off-site accommodation: registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00 Day two agenda review, pulse check and agenda setting
09:30 Open Space Knowledge Exchange C
10:30 Coffee/tea break
11:00 Open Space Knowledge Exchange D
12:00 Lunch (dining room)
13:00 Peer Presentations
14:00 Teach In: share skills or knowledge with others.
  • How Google Ad Grants, AdWords & Analytics can help you achieve your organization's objectives, Chris Whalen (Torchbox)
  • Giving and receiving feedback, Branislava Milosevic (Digital Leadership)
  • Getting started with Google Analytics, Glyn Thomas (more onion)
  • Agile and scrum project planning for campaigners, Rachel Collinson (Donor Whisperer)
  • Persuasion design workshop, Eugene Flynn (54Degrees)
  • Best practice welcome journey, Ali Walker (Blue State Digital)
  • Four-Step Formula for Creating Viral Videos, Richard Roaf (Alto Eco)
15:30 Coffee/tea break
16:00 Ignite Talks
  • What environmental campaigns can learn from the behavioural sciences (Elisabeth Whitebread)
  • 5 wise & affordable steps to making sure your website stays well written (Susie Wright)
  • more TBC

Closing Session (Room: O'Reilly Theatre)

17:30 Event formally ends
19:00+ Dinner and drinks in Oxford: Self-organised for those staying around

How the agenda works

Many times when you reflect on the conference you realise that the best bits were chatting to people during the coffee break or in a pub. So at ECF, slots (time and room) are provided to have your own discussions with other people at the conference without feeling that you are missing scheduled sessions. In fact, that is the majority of the event. Its called open space (see the methodology).

Confirmed ECF, DLF and Training Participants

ECF History

ECF started as the eCampaigning Forum event in 2002 organised by Duane Raymond, then Oxfam's eCampaigning Manager. It evolved a highly anticipated and influential annual event plus a dynamic and highly active ECF global community that grows daily and has inspired similar events around the world like ECF Europe in Berlin, re:campaign in Berlin, Fwd in Australia and Camp15 in The Netherlands

Over the last decade, digital has shifted from a specialist role and an essential tool in campaigning and organisations. ECF has constantly been ahead of this shift, and in 2016 is organised around key aspects of modern organisations: digital leadership, campaigning, fundraising, volunteering, media engagement and policy research and looking to the emerging trends. The aim is to bring together increasing diverse participants who share broadly similar goals around improving our world and connect them, help them learn from one another and inspire them to think beyond their current practices, roles and plans.

by Duane Raymond published Dec 27, 2015,