Campaigning Forum 2017

Campaigning. Fundraising. Volunteering. Leadership. Media. Digital. Where thought leaders come to learn.

At the Campaigning Forum, you set your agenda and we help you find others who share it. Speakers and panels are there to provoke thought. Result: you learn more and connect with more people. This is the way events should be.

Theme: Campaigning against the current

2016 has seen a dramatic change in tone in countries around the world as political leaders are elected who may undermine decades of progress. One analysis of this is that growing numbers of people have been left behind and are expressing their frustration via the ballet box. Most campaigning groups have also be content to engage those already converted to their causes. This needs to change. At the 2017 Campaigning Forum we'll be exploring how to get better at engaging the rest!

Who should come?

21st campaigning is increasingly shown to be successful not because a team of campaign experts run it, but by project teams with diverse expertise, often campaigners, fundraisers, volunteer managers, media officers, policy experts, digital experts/innovators and beyond. The Campaigning Forum is one of the few events that brings this mix of people together to connect, share and learn from each other on how to influence change.

The Campaigning Forum runs on ‘Chatham House Rules’ (= nothing is attributed without permission) so everybody can freely talk about their failures and successes.

If there is a topic you’re itching to learn about or to share, come along and suggest the session. The Campaigning Forum is the place to find others who share your interests.

Draft Agenda

Mon Mar 20

Digital Leadership Forum (DLF) Day One + Trainings


DLF Day 1: Digital Leadership Forum led by Branislava Milosevic


19:30 Dinner: Kick-start connections and conversations with workshop/training participants (Location TBC)

Tue MAR 21

Digital Leadership Forum Day Two + Trainings


DLF Day 2: Digital Leadership Forum led by Branislava Milosevic



'Open Space Leadership' briefing

This informal pre-dinner session will offer the chance to get the ball rolling and start to gather ideas and proposals for Open Space sessions. Join us to:
  • share ideas and tips on successful Open Space groups
  • review the potential agenda topics and themes that emerge from the participant questionnaires with a fun topic-sorting exercise
  • help start to shape the Campaigning Forum agenda, working in groups to start developing session proposals.
Open to all, though a working knowledge of Open Space methodology will be assumed.
19:30-20:30 Dinner: Kick-start connections and conversations with Campaigning Forum participants (Keble College dining room)
21:00+ Connect to kick-start connections and conversations (Keble College pub)

Wed Mar 22

Campaigning Forum 2017 Day One

Sponsored by
Engaging Networks Care2 campaignfilm More Onion
Time Summary
07:30 A morning walk or run for early risers in beautiful Oxford or Oxford University Parks. Meet at Keble College main reception
08:00 Participants in on-site accommodation: Breakfast & registration & discussion (dining room)
08:45 Participants in off-site accommodation: registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00 Welcome, introduction and agenda review (Room: Arco)

Warm-up activities and speed networking


Introduction to Open Space

10:15 Open Space Knowledge Exchange A
11.15 Coffee/tea break

Plenary speaker (Room: O'Reilly Theatre)

12:30 Lunch (dining room)
13:30 Peer Presentations
  • VR and storytelling - theory and practice Pete Speller, Greenpeace International and Mary Matheson, Macondo Films
  • From auto-pilot to attack formation (when sleeping citizens wake up)
  • Robin Paoli, Bibliosol International
  • What the Sydney Opera House can teach us about supporter journeys and engaging audiences Glyn Thomas and Amber MacIntyre
  • Engaging people with differing views: practising difficult conversations- workshop  Delyth Jewell, Citizens Advice (NB This session will run through to 15.30, and will be repeated on Day 2)
  • Could your name go here? More speakers to be added as participants come forward.
14:20 Open Space knowledge exchange B
15:30 Coffee/tea break
16:00 Skills marketplace
17:00 Ignite talks (7 minutes each):
  • Fake news, alt facts, and the backfire effect: The science of changing someone's mind Brian Fitzgerald, Dancing Fox
  • Upstream campaigning; striking the right tone & activating the right people for your advocacy targets Chris Gee, WWF UK
  • Activism needs introverts Sarah Corbett, Craftivist Collective
  • Helping supporters help themselves with simple digital tools Adam Gillett, Which?
  • #Switchthestick Natalie Fee, City to Sea
  • A fun way to break silos and unite teams Rachel Collinson, Donor Whisperer
  • Activists not parrots: why there’s no such thing as a social media campaign Julius Honnor and Laura Robertson, Contentious

Care2 Impact Awards winner presentation.

18:30 Speed Pitching & Apero
Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)
  1. Engaging Networks
  2. Care2, Rhiannan Sullivan
  3. more onion, Florian Engel and Claire Donner
  4. BetterNow, Jesper Juul Jensen
  5. ControlShift Labs, Nathan Woodhull
  6. Forward Action, Alex Lloyd
  7. Dancing Fox, Brian Fitzgerald
  8. Hands Up, Ben Clowney
  9. The Shop, Sam Jeffers
  10. Rachel Collinson, Transformational Index
  11. Julius Honnor and Laura Robertson, Contentious
  12. campaignfilm, Andrew Davies
  13. Eugene Flynn, 54Degrees
20:00 Dinner (Dining room)
21:00+ Keble College Pub

Thu Mar 23

Campaigning Forum 2017 Day Two

Time Summary
07:30 A morning walk or run for early risers in beautiful Oxford or Oxford University Parks. Meet at Keble College main reception
08:00 Participants in on-site accommodation: Breakfast & registration & discussion (dining room)
08:45 Participants in off-site accommodation: registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00 Day two agenda review, pulse check and agenda setting
09:30 Peer Presentations
  • Beyond the echo chamber: Using social media to engage with target audiences Craig Dwyer, Yes Equality Campaign/ Social Change Initiative
  • Which nonprofits are exceeding digital expectations? Keira Roth, Engaging Networks
  • Campaign accelerator: a new approach to campaign planning Michael Silberman, MobLab
  • Young working Britain: collective action for the Brexit generation Ali Torabi, TUC
  • Engaging people with differing views: practising difficult conversations- workshop  Delyth Jewell, Citizens Advice (NB This session will run through to 11.15, and is repeated from Day 1)
10:15 Open Space knowledge exchange C
11:15 Coffee/tea break

Plenary speaker (Room: O'Reilly Theatre)

12:30 Lunch (dining room)
13:30 Open Space knowledge exchange D
14:30 Teach In: share skills or knowledge with others.
  • Writing the Unthinkable - a Technique for Extracting Compelling Stories from Your Organisation (and Also From Your Own Brain!) Jean O'Brien, Dochas/Irish Charity Lab
  • CRM clinic - sort out your supporter engagement and data woes Branislava Milosevic, Digital Leadership
  • Influencing corporate targets - workshop Rosie McKearney, Age UK
  • Content strategy for campaigners Julius Honnor and Laura Robertson, Contentious
  • Could your name go here? More presentations to be added as participants come forward.
15:45 Coffee/tea break
16:15 Ignite Talks
  • Changing the law through cross-party campaigning - an insider view Delyth Jewell, Citizens Advice
  • Some tools for breaking down 'the public' audience Andrew Davies
  • #OrigamiMigration Lindsay Smith, WWF UK
  • Free help for your campaign Simon Williams, Cardiff University
  • Campaigning: not just for millennials Mary Milne, Traidcraft
  • How digitally mature is the UK charity sector? Branislava Milosevic, Digital Leadership
  • I signed up to 100 charity email lists, and this is what happened next... Glyn Thomas

Closing Session (Room: O'Reilly Theatre)

17:30 Event formally ends
19:00+ Dinner and drinks in Oxford: Self-organised for those staying around

How the agenda works

Many times when you reflect on the conference you realise that the best bits were chatting to people during the coffee break or in a pub. So at Campaigning Forum, slots (time and room) are provided to have your own discussions with other people at the conference without feeling that you are missing scheduled sessions. In fact, that is the majority of the event. Its called open space (see the methodology).

2017 Participants

# Participant's Name Role Organisation Country
1 Jess Day Facilitator United Kingdom
2 Owen Findlay Actor United Kingdom
3 Eugene Flynn Director of Possibilities 54 Degrees Ireland
4 Natalia Fricker Digital Content Editor ActionAid UK United Kingdom
5 Mark Hudson Campaigner Age UK United Kingdom
6 Sue Linge Campaigns Officer Age UK United Kingdom
7 Rosie McKearney Campaigns Manager Age UK United Kingdom
8 Kathryn Green Digital Content Manager Alzheimer's Society United Kingdom
9 Cristiana De Lia Senior Campaigner Amnesty International Germany
10 Markus Viljasalo Online producer Amnesty International Finland Finland
11 Elizabeth Griffin Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Amnesty International UK United Kingdom
12 Imran Uppal Digital Engagement Specialist Amnesty International UK United Kingdom
13 Kimberly Kay Digital Marketing specialist Amnesty International UK United Kingdom
14 Conor Grogan Digital Executive Barnardos Ireland Ireland
15 Jesper Juul Jensen CEO BetterNow Denmark
16 Eleanor Dean Senior Digital Content Producer British Medical Association United Kingdom
17 Ffion Dean Web Editor CAFOD United Kingdom
18 Tom York Communications Consultant Campaign Collective United Kingdom
19 Sarah Colombini Founder Member Campaign Collective United Kingdom
20 Chris Rose Director Campaign Strategy United Kingdom
21 Andrew Davies CampaignFilm - Director campaignfilm United Kingdom
22 Simon Williams Lecturer in campaign communications Cardiff University United Kingdom
23 Rhiannan Sullivan Director, Europe (UK) Care2 United Kingdom
24 Steff De Simone Senior Client Services Manager Care2 United Kingdom
25 Pascale Frazer Campaigns & Engagement Advisor, UK United Kingdom
26 Delyth Jewell Policy Manager Citizens Advice United Kingdom
27 Natalie Fee Founding Director City to Sea CIC United Kingdom
28 Maria Catena Mancuso Team member Climate Bonds Initiative United Kingdom
29 Laura Robertson Content strategist Contentious United Kingdom
30 Julius Honnor Digital strategist Contentious United Kingdom
31 Nathan Woodhull Executive Director ControlShift Labs United States
32 Jason Copper Director Copper United Kingdom
33 Brian Fitzgerald Chief Troublemaker Dancing Fox, BV Netherlands
34 Branislava Milosevic Digital leadership Ltd United Kingdom
35 Fran Hall Campaigner Support Officer Dignity in Dying United Kingdom
36 Ellie Ball Media & Campaigns Officer Dignity in Dying United Kingdom
37 Nick Harvey Head of Communications Doctors of the World United Kingdom
38 Rachel Collinson Donor Whisperer United Kingdom
39 Drew Lindon Director Drew Lindon Consulting Ltd United Kingdom
40 Jonathan Purchase Account Manager Engaging Networks United Kingdom
41 Keira Roth UK Business Development Director Engaging Networks United Kingdom
42 Nicky Hawkins Communications Director Equally Ours United Kingdom
43 Conor Quinn Communications Managere European Council on Foreign Relations United Kingdom
44 Duane Raymond Consultant and Trainer FairSay United Kingdom
45 Lewis Davies Festen Films United Kingdom
46 Alex Lloyd Director Forward Action United Kingdom
47 Daniela Pichler Head of Campaigns Four Paws UK United Kingdom
48 Andrew Myors Digital Officer Free Tibet United Kingdom
49 John Jones Campaigns and Communications Manager Free Tibet United Kingdom
50 Glyn Thomas Digital communications consultant Freelancer United Kingdom
51 Ian Goggin Digital Activism Specialist Friends of the Earth United Kingdom
52 Richard Hines Email Marketing Manager Friends of the Earth United Kingdom
53 Tom Wright Digital Change Agent/Activism Coordinator Friends of the Earth United Kingdom
54 Trisram Lewis Funding Fish United Kingdom
55 David Jones Salesforce Consultant Giveclarity United Kingdom
56 Oriana Lauria Digital communications officer Global Justice Now United Kingdom
57 Malise Rosbech Supporter care and engagement assistant Global Justice Now United Kingdom
58 Debby Boon Fundraising and supporter engagement officer Global Justice Now United Kingdom
59 Pete Speller Senior Engagement Advisor Greenpeace United Kingdom
60 Marianna Hoszowska Head of Digital Communication Greenpeace Poland Poland
61 Emily Randall Digital Campaigner Greenpeace UK United Kingdom
62 Pam Bartlett Quintanilla Transparency and Democracy Campaigner Greens/EFA Group, European Parliament Belgium
63 Helen Honstvet Campaigns Manager Guide Dogs United Kingdom
64 Hannah Trussler Campaigns Officer Guide Dogs United Kingdom
65 Ben Clowney Director Hands Up United Kingdom
66 Seb Cumberbirch Strategist Hands Up United Kingdom
67 Maatin Patel Digital Director HOPE not hate United Kingdom
68 Andy Khan-Gordon Campaigns Communicator International Transport Workers' Federation United Kingdom
69 Gemma Walker Campaigns communicator International Transport Workers' Federation United Kingdom
70 Lizzy Burt Designer International Transport Workers' Federation United Kingdom
71 Natalie Bland Website Manager International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) United Kingdom
72 Lia Kiessling Senior Manager, Campaigns Internet Society Switzerland
73 Jean O'Brien Founder / Head of Engagement Irish Charity Lab / Dochas Ireland
74 Anna Chowcat Campaigns Officer Leonard Cheshire Disability United Kingdom
75 Frances Inglis Senior Campaigns Officer Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
76 Ellie Cusack Campaign Officer Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
77 Emma Brownlee Digital editor, Campaigns Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
78 Laura Foster Head of Pollution Marine Conservation Society United Kingdom
79 Michael Silberman Global Director Mobilisation Lab United States
80 Florian Engel closest thing we have to a boss more onion Austria
81 Claire Donner Strategist more onion Germany
82 Lorena Mazuré Loos project manager more onion Austria
83 Ailin Martinez Senior Digital Officer Overseas Development Institute United Kingdom
84 Emilia Torrisi Regional Communications and Campaigns Officer Oxfam United Kingdom
85 Victoria Rugg Senior Digital Campaigner Oxfam International United Kingdom
86 Amelia Showalter Co-Founder and CEO Pantheon Analytics United States
87 Evan Zasoski Co-Founder and President Pantheon Analytics United States
88 Benali Hamdache Campaigns Engagement Manager Parkinson's UK United Kingdom
89 Inka Stafrace Director Digital Media Polly Tikkle Productions United Kingdom
90 Elizabeth Dunn Engagement Officer Practical Action United Kingdom
91 Catherine Joyce Digital Manager Refugee Action United Kingdom
92 Andrew Davies strategic digital synergistic maximizer Rogue Netherlands
93 Amber Macintyre PhD - Data and citizenship Royal Holloway United Kingdom
94 Rakesh Prashara Community Organiser Save Druridge United Kingdom
95 Frances Rayner Campaigns Officer SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund) United Kingdom
96 Natasha Dyer Communications and Advocacy for Development Specialist Self-employed United Kingdom
97 Craig Dwyer Research Fellow Social Change Initiative Ireland
98 Susie Wright Digital Manager/Editor/Consultant stm United Kingdom
99 Ellen Lees National Director Students for a Free Tibet UK United Kingdom
100 John Dunford Campaign Director The Developers Society United Kingdom
101 Eva Oyon Senior Communications Officer The Red Cross EU Office Belgium
102 Sam Jeffers Shopkeeper The Shop United Kingdom
103 Jinan Younis Project and Marketing Assistant The Social Change Agency United Kingdom
104 Mary Milne Campaigns Manager Traidcraft United Kingdom
105 Joanne McGarry Campaigns Officer Trócaire Ireland
106 Ali Torabi Digital Campaigner TUC United Kingdom
107 Heather Hampson Digital engagement officer UNISON United Kingdom
108 Joshua Carrington Digital Projects Manager UNISON United Kingdom
109 Meg Burke Digital Engagement Programmes Officer UNISON United Kingdom
110 Rachael Henry Marketing and Campaigns Officer UNISON United Kingdom
111 Dave O'Carroll Head of Digital War Child UK United Kingdom
112 Adam Gillett Senior Supporter Data Specialist Which? United Kingdom
113 Erin Elahi Supporter and Promotions Executive Which? United Kingdom
114 Robin Paoli Founder Women's March, USA United States
115 Lindsay Smith Campaigns Executive WWF-UK United Kingdom
116 Chris Gee Acting joint Head of Campaigns WWF-UK United Kingdom
117 Barbara Cornejo Sesnic Campaign Manager WWF-UK United Kingdom

Campaigning Forum History

Campaigning Forum started as the eCampaigning Forum (ECF) event in 2002 organised by Duane Raymond, then Oxfam's eCampaigning Manager. It evolved a highly anticipated and influential annual event plus a dynamic and highly active ECF global community that grows daily and has inspired similar events around the world like ECF Europe in Berlin, re:campaign in Berlin, Fwd in Australia and Camp15 in The Netherlands

Over the last decade, digital has shifted from a specialist role and an essential tool in campaigning and organisations. Campaigning Forum has constantly been ahead of this shift, and in 2017 is organised around key aspects of modern organisations: digital leadership, campaigning, fundraising, volunteering, media engagement and policy research and looking to the emerging trends. The aim is to bring together increasing diverse participants who share broadly similar goals around improving our world and connect them, help them learn from one another and inspire them to think beyond their current practices, roles and plans.

by Duane Raymond published Dec 27, 2015,