Peer Presentations & Workshops

45 minute presentations/workshops by Campaigning Forum 2019 participants.

Getting punched in the face: what to do when your campaign fails right at the start (Rachel Collinson)

Come with me on a journey from flop to success in a few weeks flat. This is the tale of WeDialogue, and the rapid learning / pivot process we went through together to completely rework the message, technology, target audience and sign-up process of a project. It's a warts-and-all confessional of how we went from absolutely no email list, with no traction (even from really warm audiences!) to hundreds of people signing up a day. Learn from our mistakes and discover how to replicate our wins.

How can small organisations punch above their campaigning weight? (Ellen Lees)

Working in a small organisation can mean a struggle for resources, space and attention). But it also comes with huge advantages - we can be flexible, reactive and fast-moving. This workshop will be a space to share tips between small orgs - on media, content, and campaign strategy, to help us become as powerful as possible!

Email Deliverability Masterclass (Gwynne Dixon)

The email deliverability landscape is changing: GDPR shifted the way we ask for and maintain email marketing consent, and the major webmail providers continue to tighten the screws on large volume senders. It’s never been more important to closely monitor your active subscriber lists and actively segment your email deliveries than it is in 2019.

In this session we’ll uncover the methods that providers and ISPs are using to prioritise your emails, when they’re likely to penalise you with spam placement or hard bounces, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls of this rocky terrain. From maintaining the data hygiene of your subscriber list to investigating strategies that can remedy a list in trouble, we’ll provide all the tools you need to assess your own email delivery health and a range of methods to maintain it in the future.

Campaigning in a developing civil society: experiences from Chile (Leslie Tapia Veas)

Description coming shortly

'Atlas of Utopias'/ Transformative Cities initiative.

Amplification of changes in different locations can help facilitate radical change on a global level; in other words, systemic transformation. Change in different forms is happening all over the world, and sometimes it is hard to know where to look. The initiative 'Transformative Cities' can be seen as a telescope, to help navigate through the complex galaxy of struggles and radical change on a local level throughout the globe. Here, we map transformative practices, mostly in cities. See the atlas here:

Our partnerships are structured as mutually respectful, horizontal relationships of cooperation. We are always looking for people to join us:

  • Fearless Media to partner with and outreach to million
  • Research institutions and collectives to work with us all the inspiring data we are collecting
  • Individuals and collectives that can bring resources and expertise to scale up our activities

Format: Group discussion on:

  • Are you interested in joining, or doing the same type of mapping?
  • How can we work together and help each others causes?
  • Are there other CSO/NGO's/individuals who see the city as a strategic place to focus on for transformative/radical change?
  • Could they share how?

How to harness the incredible power of your supporter base

Which? has built a passionate supporter movement the size of Glasgow, motivated to achieve change for UK consumers. With an active base of more than 500,000 supporters, we aim to make every supporter feel they are more than just someone on a mailing list. They are a key part of a powerful movement for change.

This session is suitable for anyone working with a supporter base to make change happen - no matter how big or small. We'll share the different ways we mobilise supporters to drive our campaigns forward, from digital 'clicktivism' to offline action, and discuss our successes and challenges.

by Duane Raymond published Mar 18, 2016,
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