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Plenary speakers provoke and challenge us with innovative ideas and practices ranging from case studies to the latest research.

Day 1: Toxic: shifting power starts in the workplace, Almas Korotana

Responding to shifting power in the world requires us to shift power in the workplace. The third sector has not been short of scandal lately, with reports of bullying, harassment, discrimination, abuse and more spilling out from from what seems like every corner of it. We can no longer pretend that this is not a crisis. For too long, toxic cultures and unequal structures have been allowed to proliferate, placing undue stress and risk onto staff and service users alike.

So what exactly is going so badly wrong here, and how might we be able to tackle it? In this slot, I want to explore some of the structural issues that have led to this mess, how we might be able to work with our organisations to expose and remedy it, and what role we can expect the government to play in this too. Tackling it would make organisations more relevant, restore reputations, and more diverse to be relevant for pursuing their goals in a changing world.

Why me?: While I’m not here in any official organisational capacity, I am a woman of colour with a decade’s experience in the sector – and have been on the receiving end of some of the toxic behaviours described above. I truly believe it’s time we had an honest talk about this if we want things to change, and would love it if you joined me.

Speaker on day 2 TBC

by Duane Raymond published Mar 10, 2015,
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