Ignite-style talks

Ignite-style talks prepared by participants and scheduled for the end of each day

Polarising language vs. unifying language

by Molly Maher (Stonewall)

We’ve all heard the phrases ‘in these times of polarisation/disagreement/division/disunity’ followed by a call to action, usually something that can make us feel part of something or hopeful. Or does it, does it really work?

What do the public feel and think about our causes and the political or social issues we raise, when we frame them through this lens…a Brexit lens. Does it feel meaningful to potential or active campaigners or supporters when we position our campaigns this way? Do we exacerbate or provide alternatives for polarising language?

And when we do, are we ‘watering down’ our message? Sometimes polarisation can be a positive thing, pick a side and pick the right side – be on the right side of history! Using examples and learning from Stonewall’s election campaign, 30th birthday campaign and other digital communications, I’ll share a 7 min provocation about the language we use to engage supporters.

Bluffer’s Guide to Framing

by Sho Konno

I did a Bluffer’s Guide to Framing in 2020 for people like me who know it’s important but don’t want to get a psychology degree. This Ignite is about what happened next: the best suggestions I got, the day-to-day view from inside a Europe-wide reframing project, and what else is coming up in 2020.

Ordering the Chaos: a Digital Strategy Framework

by Florian Engel

Over the past years we've developed a strategy model to organise digital activities, integrate them with organisational objectives and enable tracking of progress through meaningful metrics.

by Admin published Feb 26, 2020,
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