eFundraising Forum 2013

eFundraising Forum 2013

The event for fundraising innovators, influencers and pioneers to connect, share and learn together.
Learning is Social

Actively connecting and sharing with experienced peers stimulates success and innovation. Passively listening to speakers doesn't. The eFundraising Forum (EFF) focuses on convening the right people to boost fundraising success and innovation.

Starting small and focused

EFF 2013 will only accept up to 20 participants. If you wish to be one of the founding participants, apply now.

You need to demonstrate how you are a fundraising innovator, influencer or pioneer to be accepted.

innovators, influencers, pioneers
20 max
Wallacespace, London, UK
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The eFundraising Forum (EFF) brings together fundraising innovators, influencers and mavericks to connect and share strategies and best practices in digital fundraising. It is modelled on the successful annual eCampaigning Forum (ECF).

We are social learners: we all learn best by connecting and sharing with experienced peers. Thus every EFF participant must have relevant experience to be accepted. The agenda is self-organising small-group discussions. Participants find this methodology refreshing and rewarding, enables great learning and is excellent for connecting people and ideas.


  • Learning with other experienced participants
    Current fundraising events tend to be large impersonal gatherings with a full agenda of speakers and a silent 'audience'. Organisations respond by sending their new staff to get 'trained' and their experienced staff to 'speak'.

    While the most interesting conversations are with experienced practitioners sitting beside us, actually connecting on topics of mutual interest is random and must be squeezed into breaks and lunches.

    Yet sustained success happens because experienced staff continually learn from peers and improve. To achieve this, an event organised on fundamentally different principles is required: one where all participants are experienced and they are the focus of the event, not the speakers.
  • Digital fundraising is an opportunity
    The burning fundraising issues include:
    • external influences on when and why people give (eg. economy, politics)
    • increases in one off payments vs. decreasing monthly direct debits
    • competition, crowded market, new platforms
    • trends in communication and messaging
    • structural challenges within organisations
    • mobile (SMS, telemarketing, smart phones)
    While these aren't all digital issues, they all have digital elements to them and the ways forward often emerge from experienced fundraising discussing the issue and sharing their experiences.


Time Wed. June 5, 2013
12:30 Optional Lunch (Free) - RSVP required
13:30 Arrival, informal discussion and meeting peers
14:00 Welcome & introductions
14:20 Open space introduction and agenda setting
14:40 Open space session 1
15:40 Break
16:00 Open space session 2
17:00 Review, next steps and close
17:30 2013 EFF ends
17:30+ Mingling in pub
  1. Matt Jerwood, Oxfam GB
  2. Suzi Neill, Red Cross
  3. Mary Whittaker, Amnesty UK
  4. Scott Clarkson, Save The Children
  5. Dave Benyon, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)
  6. Molly Brooks, Greenpeace UK
  7. Glyn Thomas, WDM
  8. Amy Greenfield, Christian Solidarity Worldwide
  9. Rhiannan Sullivan, Care2
  10. Rachel Collinson, Engaging Networks
  11. Jonathan Purchase, Engaging Networks
  12. Branislava Milosevic, Champollion Digital
  13. Nathaniel Ashford, Burnett Works
  14. Joe Saxton, nfpSynergy
  15. Duane Raymond, FairSay
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