Duane Raymond

Duane founded FairSay in 2004 to help campaigners and campaigning supporters get a fair say in shaping their world. He worked as Oxfam GB’s pioneering eCampaigning Manager from 2001-2004 where he helped Oxfam GB and Oxfam internationally achieve a massive increase in the number of campaigning supporters online. He has since worked on national campaigns, global campaigns and coalition campaigns including some of the most successful campaigns and campaigning in the last decade. He is FairSay's principle consultant and has over two decades of experience of working helping organisations adapt to benefit from digital media and is deeply committed to helping purpose-first organisations from the organisational/strategic level through to the hands-on level.He has organised the annual eCampaigning Forum since 2002. He likes events without a full agenda of speakers (although these are good for newbies) but with basic opening framing from 2 well chosen practitioner-speakers and the majority of time for face-to-face small group discussion around topics of shared interest (aka open space methodology). Thus he organises events on these principles and primarily acts as another participant during the events (and is a back-up contact for facilitators, participants and the venue). To contact Duane, email duane@fairsay.com
Duane Raymond
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by Duane Raymond
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Campaigning Forum 2021 Sep 27, 2021 - Sep 29, 2021 — St Anne's College, Oxford, UK
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