Social Media Exchange 2016

Social Media Exchange 2016

Harness the power of your stories with top social media experts
Be inspired!

Improve your media know-how, tap into your creativity, develop new skills, enhance your digital storytelling skills and meet lots of creative people.

  • 50 minute keynote
  • 25 master classes
  • 3 lightening talks
Design your day

Create your own personal training day. Pick and mix from a series of bite-sized interactive and practical master classes.

Sessions will be led by speakers from the media as well as digital specialists harnessing the power of storytelling within charities.

£195-210 (depends on org type + size)
London, UK
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"A fantastic full-packed day with great speakers and masterclasses that left me inspired to go back to work and use my new knowledge and skills to tell emotive and engaging digital stories."

"If you ever had any doubt about the potential impact of good communication via social media, the Social Media Exchange will change your mind."

"sounddelivery sprinkled its social media stardust on a fun day of learning and meeting new people."

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