How to make partnerships work really well

How to make partnerships work really well

Warning! You may never think the same way again

This workshop aims to help us fulfill our potential and by tapping more effectively into our collective power. Working together (of course!) we’ll draw on the practical experience in the room, picking out the skills and strategies each of you can quickly put to work to create Collaborative Advantage. The workshop build strong and effective partnerships for the benefit of all.

Who’s it for?

Suitable for people:

  • Dealing with internal or external partners
  • Facing partnership problems
  • New to partnership work
  • Keen to shift a partnership to the next level


This workshop is full of playful learning that brings out the best in us all. We’ll mine the wisdom of the room in engaging ways which make space for introverts and extroverts to flourish in each other’s company. We’ll gain confidence in our strategies, anchoring them with reference to basic levels of science. We’ll identify common habits that can trip up our best intentions, and we’ll look into thinking skills for sure-footed progress, keeping us clear of the pitfalls.

A significant slice of time is set aside for participative group work on real life scenarios. You will be equipped with an outline plan to put your learning into practice from the moment you leave the room.


A short questionnaire will invite you to outline your goals for partnership working, together with some background on your experience to date, and you’ll also be asked to take a 12 minute character type test in advance.


How to make partnerships work really well


Tea or Coffee with a little learning fuel on plates, time to view the agenda and generally settle in.


Icebreaker. Our brains are wired to assess others in under a second. It’s amazing how much we can learn in a few minutes. By the end of this session, we’ll feel safe in each other’s company and ready to journey together in learning.


Checking our goals. A quick assessment of the rewards you seek and challenges you face in partnership working

10:30 -11:00

Knowing where to look. A bit of science about how the conditions for partnership are made.




Collaborative Advantage. How to develop great conditions for partnership, and how to keep them that way


Lunch (included) & table discussions

14:00-14:20 Hints for partner selection


Group work - Mapping the issues




Group Work - Removing barriers, Strengthening appeal


Review - Reflections on the day and hopes for the future


End of training day

About the workshop leader

Mike ZeidlerMike Zeidler is a facilitator with 24 years of experience in leadership development, partnership building and strategic change. He has developed amazing networks through his roles in large membership organisations including Business in the Community and as a founder of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, the Happy City Initiative, and the FunkySpaces Network. He is passionate about helping people get the best out of each other and the world around them, and has served as a director on more than 20 in private and voluntary sector boards.

Mike has been described as an Opportunity Maker - 'a pattern seeker involved in different worlds, communicating sweet spots of shared interest to make opportunities for people to accomplish greater things together'. View his profile on Linkedin at:

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