Training Tour: London

Training Tour: London

Advanced workshops on e-campaigning skills and digital leadership.
Topics Covered*
  • Digital Leadership
  • eCampaigning models
  • eCampaigning best practices
  • Retaining supporters online
  • Digital split testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital fundraising
  • Writing great emails

* Depends on participant priorities.

  1. Pre-training assessment quiz to identify skill and knowledge gaps
  2. Self-paced study (4-8 hours) in advance to fill those gaps
  3. 1-day in-person workshops to apply the principles and practices

Participants pick three 1.5 hour scenario workshops. The fourth 1.5 hour workshop is a peer knowledge exchange.

Campaigners, communicators, digital practitioners, managers, etc.
£400/person (inc. lunch)
Westminster Hub
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eCampaigning Training Tour, London
09:00-09:15 Check in: grab your name tag and say hello! You also might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea
09:15-09:30 Welcome and introduction: An quick overview of the day
09:30-11:00 Scenario Workshops A
Digital Leadership (BM) eCampaigning Best Practices (DR)
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-12:45 Scenario Workshops B
General principles of testing: Why testing matters (AS) Retaining Online Supporters (DR)
12:45-13:45 Lunch
13:45-15:15 Scenario Workshops C
Data 101: Sampling, statistical significance, and experimental design (AS) Writing Great Emails (DR)
15:15-15:30 Break

Peer Knowledge Exchange (Open Space)

17:00-17:15 Wrap-up and good byes
17:30-??:?? Informal ECF dinner and drinks (open to all ECFers)
  • Duane Raymond (DR) of FairSay (ECF founder, former Oxfam) will be focusing on e-campaigning best practices, retaining online supporters, e-campaigning models, and partially on the digital leadership and digital for senior managers.
  • Amelia Showalter (AS) (former Obama 2012 analytics director) will be focusing on the email and web split testing which will include some crossover with digital fundraising.
  • Branislava Milosevic (BM) (former Save the Children and CAFOD) will be focusing on digital leadership and digital for senior managers

All trainer participation depends on the final topics which are determined by participant bookings.

Get a Masters in Media, Campaigning & Social Change

The University of Wesminster (London, UK) runs a Masters in Media, Campaigning & Social Change. they are accepting applicants for new intakes now.

This course is particularly relevant if you want to start, or to progress, a career in communications and campaigning for social change, whether in a charity or non-governmental organisation; in a public sector body; in a political party or election campaigning setting; or even in a corporate social responsibility role. It could also be a stepping-stone towards a PhD and an academic career in this growing field of study. For more information, please contact the course enquiries team or joint course leader Michaela O’Brien at

by Duane Raymond published Jul 25, 2014,