Activism vs. Slacktivism Debate: Highlights and Reactions

The five-minute version of the Activism vs. Slacktivism Debate with panellist highlights and participant reactions.


All activism depends on the belief and hope by participants that acting together will make a difference. With increasing debate and rhetoric around the influence and power of digital activism, what will the future be for this form of mobilisation if misinformed commentary or ill-conceived use of digital tools and networks attempt to undermine it?

This debate challenged and provoked:

  • campaigners who are not using online mobilisation strategically and the debate will challenge them to up their game
  • skeptics of the power of digital activism and the debate will challenge them to learn how and when digital activism does work

The Activism vs. Slacktivism Debate occurred on 21 March, 2011 in Oxford, UK on the event of the 2011 eCampaigning Forum.

The debate featured:

  • Chair: Kathryn Corrick - Digital Media Consultant
  • David Babbs - Executive Director, 38 Degrees
  • Paul Hilder - Director of Campaigns, Oxfam
  • Eric Lee - Founding Editor of
  • Micah White - Adbusters Senior Editor & Guardian contributor
  • Naomi McAuliffe - Poverty and Human Rights Campaign Manager, Amnesty UK
  • Rasmus Kleis Nielsen - PhD fellow, Oxford University & Roskilde University, Denmark
  • Sam Smith - Democracy & Transparency activist
  • Tom Steinberg - Director,
by Caroline Puntis published Mar 21, 2011,