Activists Use Any Tools At Hand

Paul Hilder argues that real activists use the tools available to them, and always have.


Paul Hilder, Director of Campaigns, Oxfam (in 2011)

Paul Hilder is a British-born social entrepreneur, writer and organiser. In 2000 he co-founded, a website for debate about global politics and culture. He helped launch the global web movement in 2007, and served as one of its first campaign directors. In 2010, he became Director of Campaigns for Oxfam, the global development movement. In 2012, he became Vice President of Global Campaigns at

Hilder is also a co-founder and board member of the British campaigning movement 38 Degrees. In 2010 he gave a TEDx talk on "The Power of Food", linked to the 2010 UN Millennium Development Goals summit.

by Paul Hilder published Mar 21, 2011,