Developing an International Digital Strategy

International NGOs (INGOs) face a challenge with their global digital strategy: do they centralise their approach or do they de-centralise?


International NGOs (INGOs) face a challenge with their global digital strategy. Do they:

  • Centralise their approach: technology and digital support is managed from one office
  • De-centralise: offices develop their own digital strategy and output within the framework of a global digital strategy and brand

In Branislava Milosevic's (Twitter: @bubana) role as the Head of Digital at WSPA International (previously Save the Children UK, CAFOD and OneWorld), she has worked on the development of digital strategies for and with organisations. While digital channels are common to all of us, how their potential is best used by organisations differs, partially influenced by organisations' history and culture. Here Branislava shares the approach for moulding digital strategies to fit an organisation's culture and needs.

While this approach was widely recognised as having merit, a few people disagreed with the conclusion and through that centralisation was a better strategy.  The key difference between the cases was that some organisations had most national offices with no/minimal digital expertise while others organisations had most national offices with high digital expertise.

What do you think makes a good international digital strategy?

by Duane Raymond published Mar 14, 2013,
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