Failures, reaching the general public and join asks

Ben Brandzel answers questions about what hasn't worked, how to communicate an issue with the general public and when a 'join ask' is appropriate.


After Ben spoke at the 2008 eCampaigning Forum (ECF) in Oxford, UK he answered the following questions from participants that provide more insight into his experience in campaigning:

  1. What hasn't worked (with digital campaigning)?
  2. How do you communicate an issue to the general public?
  3. Can you clarify where a 'join ask' is appropriate?

Ben Brandzel has been involved in many of the major new advocacy initiatives that blend online and traditional strategies. These include:

and in the 2008 US Presidential elections the John Edwards campaign for the Democratic nomination for US President and the Barak Obama's Campaign for US President.

by Duane Raymond published Apr 10, 2008,