Going mobile: How MSF increased digital giving by 91%

How not moving to a new database helped MSF to increase their income


James Kliffen shares how they increased digital giving via mobile at Médecins Sans Frontier UK (MSF UK) by not moving to a new database which allowed us to concentrate on fundraising whilst saving time and money.

Learn how not moving to a new database helped a charity to increase their income by 46%. MSF UK carried out a review of their database systems in 2012. We expected the outcome would be a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system - and we were wrong. We decided to make our CRM database the centre of a series of innovations

The result? We launched a new website, online giving platform and e-mail - all "mobile friendly". SMS giving was a major success. At Christmas we launched a digital dialogue between our supporters and our frontline medics. £11.50 was raised for every pound invested in fundraising, and digital donations were up by 91%. Not moving databases was critical to achieving these results, and we have more innovations to come in 2014, managed by a database team of two.

by Duane Raymond published Apr 10, 2014,