How to Make a 7-minute Campaign Website

Ben and Ross from Hands Up demonstrate how to build a 7-minute campaign website with WordPress.


Many people think setting up a campaign website has to be a time-consuming and expensive process.  Here Ben Clowney and Ross Wintle from Hands Up show us how to set-up a site in less than 7 minutes with WordPress.

You can also watch the screencast that Hands Up put together (below).

Duane's online profile photo since 2006Here they start a campaign to get FairSay's Duane Raymond to change his almost decade-old online profile picture (left). Campaign at

This presentation was at the 2013 eCampaigning Forum.

Useful links

  • WordPress (note we used a self-hosted WordPress site, not a hosted site):
  • Gravity Forms:
  • WooThemes:
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