Integrating Digital Campaigning and Fundraising

Hannah Lownsbrough (38 Degrees) shares strategies and tactics for integrating digital fundraising and campaigning at the 2013 eCampaigning Forum.


Hannah's presentation covers:

  • strategies for integrating campaigning and fundraising, including hypothecated asks
  • integration beyond one-off tactical elaborations: making the case for effective fundraising asks throughout people's campaigning journey
  • transition from one-off donations to regular giving, while retaining
  • approaches to researching and modeling supporter / activist behaviour that lend themselves to blurring the lines between campaigning and fundraising
  • getting the basics right: building donor confidence and trust

Hannah Lownsbrough has been Campaigns Director at 38 Degrees for four years and a significant part of her role is to oversee fundraising for the organisation as a whole. While she's been in the role, the organisation has moved from start-up into being fully member-funded and in the last 18 months, has recruited nearly 5000 regular donors, who support the core costs of the organisation.

Prior to working at 38 Degrees, Hannah has worked at Friends of the Earth, the thinktank, Demos and Fairbridge, a national youth organisation. She was a trustee of Crisis, the national homelessness organisation and is presently Vice-Chair of governors at Orchard Primary School in Hackney.

by Duane Raymond published Mar 13, 2013,