Is clicktivism hurting activism?

Micah White's (Contributing Editor, Adbusters) argues that clicktivism is hurting activism and merely a combination of marketing with computer science.


Micah White's, Contributing Editor, Adbusters

Micah White is a Contributing Editor at Adbusters magazine, an independent activist and a pioneer of the critique of clicktivism. He is working on a book about the future of activism.

Summary of Micah's position:

"A battle is raging for the soul of activism. It is a struggle between clicktivists, who have adopted the logic of the marketplace, and those organisers who vehemently oppose the marketisation of social change. Clicktivism is the pollution of activism with the logic of consumerism, a reliance on the tricks of advertising and an obsession with metrics. At stake is the possibility of an emancipatory revolution in our lifetimes."

Micah White argues that "'clicktivism' (which he claims is the 'current conception of how the Internet will combine with activism) is not only detrimental to activism, but something that will be left behind as more and more people realise the combination of marketing with computer science was a good idea at first but is actually harming the left movement".

This video was prepared for the the 'Activism vs. Slacktivism' debate on 21 March 2011, Oxford, UK as part of the annual eCampaigning Forum.

by Micah White published Mar 21, 2011,