No Dash For Gas: Taking on EDF

The No Dash for Gas campaign started by opposing the UK drive to build 40 new gas-fired power plans. Yet it was largely ignored until EDF decided to sue a group of activists who has shut down an EDF plant. They also face a criminal charge. This is their story as of March 2013.


Presented by Danny Chivers

If you have 30 Seconds

  • Sign the petition at
  • "Like" our Facebook page at
  • Follow us on Twitter at @nodashforgas, and help us retweet updates about our case

If you have a few minutes

  • Please share the three things above - the petition, the Facebook and the Twitter
  • Watch and share our two videos - this one showing the action itself, and this one explaining how we're being sued.
  • Share your favourite media story about us, from the links above
  • Leave some messages for EDF on their Facebook page or via Twitter.
  • We have reason to believe that EDF's corporate mascot "Zingy" has decided to rebel against its corporate masters in support of us, and so is now being held hostage and forced to dance in EDF's adverts! Show your outrage by joining the "Free Zingy" Facebook page, and demanding Zingy's release here.

If you are an EDF customer

  • Please change your supplier (ideally to a green company like Ecotricity or Good Energy) and tell EDF why - preferably in a nice public way on Facebook, Twitter, or at the bottom of the petition. You'll probably be happier for it, because EDF apparently have the worst customer service of all the energy companies.
by Duane Raymond published Mar 13, 2013,