Supporter re-activation and segmentation via email

Glyn Thomas has been leading a pilot email re-activation effort at WDM and shares his techniques, findings and conclusions to date (March 2013). This included both campaigning supporters and but donors.


Email is still the most effective way to recruit and mobilise campaigning supporters.  However most organisations find that between 70-90% of campaigning supporters fail to engage beyond the initial subscription or action. The ways to address this includes having a re-activation programme and segmenting to enable sending more relevant emails.

Cut from the original presentation was a 20 minutes spontaneous debate amongst the audience on if supporters should be removed from the email list of they don't respond after multiple re-engagement attempts with passions on both side running quite high!

This presentation occurred at the 2013 eCampaigning Forum in March.

by Duane Raymond published Mar 13, 2013,