Unions and campaigners: Time for an honest conversation

Unions have been one of the major campaigners for change over the last several hundred year. Thus NGO campaigners have a lot to learn from unions (as unions have from NGOs), but seldom seem to share expertise. The common ground and opportunities between them is outlined by Eric Lee from LabourStart.


This presentation outlines:

  • The historical impact and experience of union campaigning
  • Examples of cooperation between NGOs and unions
  • The expertise unions have and can share
  • The potential for cooperation between unions and NGOs

This presentation is by:

The book by Eric Lee and Edd Mustill is called "Campaigning Online and Winning: How LabourStart's ActNOW Campaigns Are Making Unions Stronger" (only £3)

This presentation occurred at the 2013 eCampaigning Forum.

by Duane Raymond published Mar 13, 2013,