What does the evidence say about slacktivism?

Tom Steinberg shares perspectives and research on what we really know and don't about e-campaigning based on academic research findings.


Tom Steinberg, Director, MySociety

Tom Steinberg is the founder and director of mySociety, a non-profit, open source organisation that runs many of the best-known democracy websites in the UK. These include the Parliamentary transparency website TheyWorkForYou and the somewhat self-explanatory FixMyStreet. mySociety’s missions are to build websites which give people simple, tangible benefits in the democratic and community aspects of their lives, and which teach the public and voluntary sector how they can use technology better to help citizens.

Summary of Tom's position: "I'll be talking about the kinds of campaigning that social media is good at, and the kinds that it isn't..."

by Tom Steinberg published Mar 21, 2011,