2009 eCampaigning Review

The eCampaigning Review is a study into the practices and performance of e-campaigning. 2009 was the first year of the review. It involved over 50 organisations from multiple countries across a range of campaigning sectors.

Performance Review

These Performance Review looked at how organisations performed on the 'classic' email-to-action e-campaigning model.


  1. Identify some benchmarks for the email-to-action e-campaigning model
  2. Identify what good performance is on a range of key performance indicators
  3. Create a useful tool for organisations to improve their e-campaigning

eAction Review and Practices Survey

The e-action review compared the user experience of participating in e-actions across on a wide range of websites. The practices survey explored what e-campaigning practitioners do behind the scenes.


  1. Get insight into what range of e-campaigning best practices organisations are implementing
  2. Understanding what e-campaigning practices are being used internally by organisations
  3. Provide insight into e-campaigning practices beyond the benchmarks
  4. Provide guidance for organisations to prioritise e-campaigning improvements
by Duane Raymond published Oct 01, 2009,