ECF Community Overview

The eCampaigning Forum (ECF) community is a loose vibrant network of practitioners using digital media for campaigning (advocacy). The primary way to be involved is via this email list.

Email List Privacy Policy

  1. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing:
  2. Your email address will only be shared to connect ECF members on a case-by-case basis. Note when you post to the list, you email address is available to all ECF list members.
  3. Only your name and organisation will be listed as a participant but you can ask that it is unlisted
  4. You will be directly emailed off-list about participating in the eCampaigning Forum family of events, to take part in surveys about the eCampaigning Forum list and events, discussion summaries and for list administration.
  5. You may be contacted to check if you or others in your organisation are interested in participating in the Campaigning Forum and/or Digital Leadership Forum family of events (including trainings).

If you have any input, questions or concerns about the eCampaigning Forum Email List Privacy Policy or its implementation please contact us

Code of Conduct

The list operates on the Chatham House rules: information and opinions may not be published with attribution unless you have the person's permission.

Community members include:


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