Clicktivism, collaboration, printers and more

ECF List Hot Topics - February 2011: catch up on the 'clicktivism' debate, tools and services for online collaboration, environmentally-friendly printers, the wibya toolbar and photo petitions.


Internet – new dawn of organising or pollutant in the water of activism? The debate rumbles on, given a new level of mainstream interest by events in Egypt and Tunisia. You can catch up on some of the key contributions to the 'clicktivism' debate here.

Collaboration tools

The issue of online collaboration tools and virtual shared drives has come up a couple of times on the list, with Crabgrass, Google docs, Dropbox, Basecamp, Huddle and simple wikis all having their advocates.   Here's a quick summary of some of the collaboration tools mentioned , or visit the list archives (password required) for more.

Photo petitions

Not many replies to a request for help with a photo petition, but an offer of some free code for anyone who can put it to good use! See your emails, or the list archives for details.

Wibya toolbar

A mostly positive response to this tool, which you can add to a website to promote opportunities for interaction.  It's unintrusive, can be edited and provides useful analytics. You can see it in action on the World Development Movement website.


Well, turns out e-campaigners need paper too, with lots of responses to a request for good printers. Here's a list of recommendations, but most heartfelt was the recommendation for Seacourt.

“Seacourt are waterless, waste free (their last bin collection was almost 2 years ago!), and the substantial electricity used in printing is also sourced on 100% green tariff. And they're friendly and deliver the goods.”

And here's something to bear in mind before commissioning those campaign postcards: “In environmental risk categories, e.g. used by insurance companies, printing is alongside the nuclear industry! ”

The eCampaigning Forum email list is a fantastic resource for e-campaigning practitioners and academics. The list can be pretty busy sometimes though, so I'll be summarising some of the discussion highlights each month. Feedback and comments welcome – let me know if I can make this more useful to you. You can sign up to the ECF email list, or request a password for the list archives, here. 


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