Understand how you compare to peers organisations and sector leaders and where you need to improve with a tailored analysis.

The eCampaigning Review is public and yet anonymous, so you don't know how you compare unless you repeat the analysis with your data. However many organisations don't have the time or expertise to do this.

FairSay can conduct a tailored analysis of your practices and/or performance.

Data Collection and Processing

If your organisation participated in the eCampaigning Review and contributed both e-action and emailing data, then data collection and processing is unnecessary since this work is already done. For everyone else:

  • Qualitative data collection and processing: £600
  • Quantitative data collection and processing (e-action and emailing data): £3,000

Performance and Practices Analysis

  • Comprehensive: integrated and customised quantitative data analysis and qualitative analysis of practices. (£4,500 GBP)

Performance Analysis (Quantitative Only)

  • Extended: three areas for custom quantitative data analysis in addition to the basic analysis. (£3,000 GBP)
  • Performance Quick Start: your organisation's quantitative results including a comparison with other's anonymous results. (£1,000 GBP)

Best Practices Analysis (Qualitative Only)

  • Practices Comparison: Detailed qualitative report of your organisations practices compared with sector leaders and relevant peers (£750 GBP)
  • Practices Quick Start: Score breakdown of your organisation's e-actions with commentary (£250 GBP)

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  • Discuss how we can analyse your campaigning
  • Learn about our past and current work
  • Discover what you could be achieving

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by Duane Raymond published Jan 21, 2011,
Key Information

Helps to:

  • Know how you compare
  • Learn about others' e-campaigning
  • Continually improve
  • Justify additional resource requests
  • Input your plans

Cost guide: £250-8k
(+ expenses)

Return: continual improvement and focusing on what works

Elapsed time: 15-90 days (depends on feedback)

Benchmarking clients:

  • Greenpeace International
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Rethink
  • Action Aid International