The 2023 Campaigning Forum event is happening again March 21-23 in Oxford, and applications are open for attendees.

PARTICIPANTS: see latest list


COST: £550 until Feb 18, then £650

WHERE: St. Anne’s College, Oxford, UK

While the agenda is still under development, you can apply for a place and get approved now plus your feedback inputs the event agenda for when it is shaped more in January.

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What is the Campaigning Forum?

The Campaigning Forum is the annual global event for experienced campaigning, fundraising and digital practitioners to connect, share and learn.

At the Campaigning Forum, you set your agenda and we help you find others who share it. Speakers and panels are there to provoke thought. The event schedule is made up of a mix of expert keynote speakers, and ‘Open Space’ sessions that allow attendees to propose topics for discussion.

The result: you learn more and connect with more people. This is the way events should be!

Who should come?

21st century campaigning is increasingly shown to be successful not because a team of campaign experts run it, but through collaborative project teams with diverse expertise, often campaigners, fundraisers, volunteer managers, media officers, policy experts, digital experts/innovators and beyond. The Campaigning Forum is one of the few events that brings this mix of people together to connect, share and learn from each other on how to influence change.

The Campaigning Forum runs on ‘Chatham House Rules’ (= nothing is attributed without permission) so everybody can freely talk about their failures and successes.

Is there a new development or trend in campaigning that you’re itching to hear about? Come along and suggest the session you want.