Jobs: Add a salaried or project job

List your job or project opportunity

FairSay promotes your job posting to various campaigning and digital practitioner networks. These consist of people who are experienced, talented and well networked. A majority of these network members are senior managers and leaders.

  • Job listings are sent not only to the Campaigning Forum email discussion list  which has over 3 800 members, it is also shared on dedicated job lists and other relevant communities of practice with a potential reach of 20 000+ practitioners around the world
  • More than 60% of the network are in the UK with many others in the rest of Europe, US, Canada, Australia and the four corners of the world
  • Recruitment of strong candidates with up-to-date expertise is currently very challenging – the quality of applicants from the FairSay job listings is consistently high. Posting your job on the FairSay list is a shortcut to a highly skilled and interested community.
  • FairSay job listings are excellent value when compared to other charity sector job sites – see below for pricing structure

General job / project posting criteria:

  1. Salary required: for all salaried jobs. If it varies by country, include a few sample salaries. See for why.
  2. Posting deadline: 23:59 Thursdays (any time zone) for inclusion in Friday’s jobs email roundup (jobs are live online immediately upon approval)

Governance roles

  • Unpaid trustee / board roles qualify as free 7-day posts.

Recommendation requests

  • Recommendation requests are hiring posts because they seek candidates of agencies or individuals to hire. Thus they are subject to the same eligibility criteria as other hiring posts.
  • The one difference is that for paid recommendation requests from ECF discussion list members, the request will also be individually sent to the ECF Community (not just included in weekly roundups).

Volunteer roles & internships

Unpaid roles qualify as free 7-day posts. However volunteer and internship roles should be:

  1. Roles that staff would never be expected to perform or hired for
  2. Roles that do not have a minimum hours nor set working times
  3. Paid travel and meals for volunteers and interns
  4. Paid work for Internships with a structured plan to support the Interns’ learning

These roles can not be a replacement for staff time and or hiring paid staff.