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FairSay works with ambitious campaigns to increase their effectiveness within weeks and help them win via strategy, analysis, training, events, advice and support.


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FairSay has more than twenty years of expertise with campaigning and is a pioneer in digital campaigning. With us, you get decades of best practice and hands-on experience applied to your needs, to help you quickly find the best way forward. 

Campaigning Forum events

Annual Campaigning Forum events – bringing top campaigners together for 2 days of collaborative learning.

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Get decades of strategic and hands-on experience in planning and implementing campaigns

PostBug campaigning platform

Add snail mail to your campaigns! Explore our online tool for sending printed post to people in power. Visit Postbug.com

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World-class, intensive training on digital campaigning. Available in-house or online.

Campaigning Forum community

Join a vibrant, supportive global network of campaigning and advocacy practitioners

FairSay Job Listings

Browse exciting salaried jobs and project opportunities, and find excellent candidates for your organisation

Performance analysis

Review your campaign performance, practices and processes. Get expert help with benchmarking and data analysis.

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Agenda development, speaker identification, session facilitation, trainings. Get our help to deliver an unforgettable event.








Duane Raymond

Duane Raymond


I currently help civil society organisations to become highly effective at campaigning, including digitally. This includes developing actionable performance analytics, using analysis to identify and continually improve best practices, developing strategies, project managing initiatives, digital transformation, training people on these skills and organising events for experienced practitioners and mangers to share and connect.

My experience ranges from business (consultancy with many companies while with Cap Gemini + financial services and sustainability in UBS) to civil society (Oxfam, AIESEC and client work via FairSay). Over the last 15 years I have bee a significant influence in shaping digital campaigning at civil society organisations around Europe and beyond. I had a similar impact in AIESEC where I led the transformation of the flagship international work exchange programme that led to its resurgence after a decade of declining results.

I have been active in leading large and small groups since my university days. This includes:
– helping to move groups in the agreed direction
– negotiating partnerships
– organising and running international events from 5 to 1,000 people
– actively managing teams
– founding and stewarding a global community of 4,000 campaigning and digital practitioners

Over my working life, I’d like to work to make this time be the ‘turnaround’ generation: the point where the world switched from an unsustainable to a sustainable future. Thus I choose work opportunities that enable my efforts to be a multiplier for successful strategies and practices. This includes working with civil society, business and governments where there is potential for progress or cross-over learning.

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