Courses & Workshops

FairSay provides world-class intensive in-house or open-course training on online campaigning and how it integrates with other campaigning activities. It is regularly updated with the latest proven and innovative best practices from the US, UK and sector leaders around the world. The focus is on repeatable activities and, like all FairSay services, based on evidence.

You can choose from one of the existing courses or, for in-house, have a training package adapted to your needs.

Since digital campaigning practitioners are in short-supply and learning on-the-job can take years of trial and error, good training pays off very quickly.

FairSay’s training series is designed to give you the training you need at the level you need it. From beginners to managers, leading-edge practitioners, fundraisers and campaigners, we can help you learn and improve.

Who is it for?

The campaigning training series has courses suitable to any NGO employee who has, or should have, a key role in the success of campaigning.  This includes:

  • Beginner and experienced campaigning practitioners
  • Senior managers, directors and trustees
  • Campaigning managers and campaigners
  • New Media managers and producers
  • Fundraising managers and fundraisers

The training options

FairSay organises four levels of campaigning trainings:

  • Overviews: understand the key issues and the big picture
  • Essential: the core best practices for being effective
  • Advanced: specialist in specific practices
  • Expert exchanges: experts learning from each other

How we organise trainings

The trainings are designed to ensure participants retain as much of the skills and knowledge as possible. This is achieved by:

  • Interspersing principles with hands-on practice
  • Practising on your own, real-life digital campaigns
  • Practising on the digital campaigning tools you normally use
  • Having time to apply the skills between one-day trainings
  • Providing post-training access to the trainer and practitioner community

In-house trainings are adapted to each organisations’ needs and arranged at an agreed time, place and schedule.

Open courses are scheduled at least twice annually with more added if there is demand. FairSay will arrange the venue and timing.

What we’ve done for others

  • Three-day training on campaigning
  • Two-day training on email for campaigning
  • Two-day intensive campaigning training

Training Experience

FairSay’s founder, Duane Raymond, has been organising and running trainings for over 17 years for local, national and international participants.  With this campaigning training series, Duane is combining his training experience with his campaigning expertise to create the best possible learning ground for campaigning.

Duane will train on many of the courses, He will also arrange for specialists to train or tutor whole or parts of courses as appropriate to provide other insights and expertise.

Previous training clients

  • Oxfam GB
  • Amnesty International
  • Greenpeace International
  • IFAW International (US)
  • NSPCC (UK)
  • Mencap (UK)
  • Which? (UK)
  • Cancer Council Victoria (Australia)
  • Green 10 Network (Brussels)
  • Solidar (Brussels)
  • Clean Clothes Campaign
  • NCVO (UK)
  • BOND (UK)
  • KEPA (Finland)
  • Digital Charity Lab

How managers benefit from the training

Senior managers are in leadership positions to determine the success or failure of campaigning via interactive media. The Campaigning Overview training for senior managers specifically addresses the issues senior managers need to face to ensure their e-campaigning is a significant contributor to achieving their campaigning and organizational objectives and priorities.

The course helps senior managers develop the knowledge to:

  • Confidently talk with practitioners about campaigning
  • Develop a vision for online campaigning
  • Develop strategies with achievable objectives and goals
  • Ensure the staff have the right skills and knowledge
  • Ensure sufficient budget to achieve the objectives and goals
  • Get the best out of staff by focusing on what is important
  • Follow what sector leaders are doing

How fundraisers benefit from the training

Fundraisers and fundraising managers can get tremendous help achieving their goals by helping to achieve e-campaigning excellence. The Campaigning Overview training for fundraisers specifically addresses the issues fundraisers need to face to enable campaigning to support fundraising.

The course helps fundraisers develop the knowledge to:

  • Understand Campaigning best practices
  • When and how to convert online campaigning supporters
  • Investment required and the return

Contact Duane to…

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  • Explore what is the right training for you
  • Discover what you could learn from training

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