101 people participated (of which 49 were returning participants) in the 2013 eCampaigning Forum, Oxford, UK.
# Participan's Name Role Organisation Country
1 Esther Freeman (0) Freelance digital content creator United Kingdom
2 Karina Brisby (5) Campaign and Communication Strategist United Kingdom
3 Jonny Elwyn (0) Video Editor United Kingdom
4 Tim Dendy (2) Camera Operator United Kingdom
5 Becky Jarvis (0) Campaigns Manager 38 Degrees United Kingdom
6 Ian Palmer (0) Campaigns Manager 38 Degrees United Kingdom
7 Hannah Lownsbrough (0) Campaigns Director 38 Degrees United Kingdom
8 Tom Allen (3) Global Engagement Manager ActionAid International United Kingdom
9 Claire Donner (1) Digital Campaigner ActionAid UK United Kingdom
10 Agnes Hall (3) International Digital Campaigner ActionAid UK United Kingdom
11 Marie Campbell (1) Director - Global Campaigns All Out United Kingdom
12 Guillaume Bonnet (0) Senior Global Campaigner All Out France
13 Richard Roaf (0) Communications Consultant Alter Eco Communications United Kingdom
14 Amelia Showalter (0) Director of Digital Analytics, Obama For America Amelia Showalter LLC (Formerly Obama For America) United States
15 Florian Leppla (2) Web Content & Community Manager Amnesty International Austria Austria
16 Sara Sutherland (0) Digital Campaign Organiser Amnesty International IS United Kingdom
17 Natasha Sturgeon (1) Campaign Coordinator, Activism Unit Amnesty International IS United Kingdom
18 Jean O'Brien (4) Online Executive, Barnardos Ireland Barnardos Ireland Ireland
19 Catherine Joyce (1) Head of Advocacy Barnardos Ireland Ireland
20 Alex Lee (1) Freelance Web Developer Biospheric Foundation United Kingdom
21 Paul Ryan (1) Director Cafe Art United Kingdom
22 Armelle Le Comte (1) Campaigns Officer CAFOD United Kingdom
23 Eilidh Macpherson (0) Campaigns Manager CAFOD United Kingdom
24 Chris Rose (3) Director Campaign Strategy United Kingdom
25 Rhiannan Sullivan (1) Director of Business Development and not for profit services Care2 United Kingdom
26 Ben West (0) Champollion Digital United Kingdom
27 Brie Rogers Lowery (4) UK Campaigns Director United Kingdom
28 Katherine Sladden (0) Senior Campaigner United Kingdom
29 Weldon Kennedy (3) Director, Europe United Kingdom
30 Graham Martin (0) Church Action on Poverty United Kingdom
31 Paul Roeland (1) Tech coordinator Clean Clothes Campaign Netherlands
32 Mirjam van Heugten (0) Public Outreach Coordinator Clean Clothes Campaign Netherlands
33 Dave Beynon (1) Head of Digital Compassion in World Farming United Kingdom
34 Rhia Weston (0) Road Safety Officer CTC - The National Cycling Charity United Kingdom
35 Rachel Collinson (5) Director of Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Engaging Networks United Kingdom
36 Duane Raymond (12) Campaigning Strategist FairSay United Kingdom
37 Jess Day (9) Facilitator Freelancer United Kingdom
38 Chris Jamieson (1) Web Developer Friends of the Earth England & Wales United Kingdom
39 Tomas Kovacs (2) Greenpeace CEE Slovakia
40 Andrew Davies (4) Digital mobilization team leader Greenpeace International Netherlands
41 Shirley Johansson (0) Head of Digital - Nordic Greenpeace Nordic Sweden
42 Nic Seton (2) Batman Greenpeace UK United Kingdom
43 Pete Speller (1) Digital campaigner Greenpeace UK United Kingdom
44 James Sadri (0) Head of Mobilisation Greenpeace UK United Kingdom
45 Ben Clowney (6) Director Hands Up United Kingdom
46 Ross Wintle (1) Technical Director Hands Up United Kingdom
47 Clemens Schuster (1) Founder & CEO Hofrat Suess GmbH Switzerland
48 Anita Gardner (0) Communications Director IndustriALL Global Union Switzerland
49 Adrian Mahlstein (0) Project Manager Kampaweb GmbH Switzerland
50 Eric Lee (1) Founding Editor LabourStart United Kingdom
51 Caroline Puntis (2) Filmmaker Lamb & Flag Productions United Kingdom
52 Eugenio Orsi (1) latte creative Belgium
53 Valentina Carta (0) latte creative Italy
54 Michael Austin (0) Communications & Fundraising M. Austin Communicatie & Fondsenwerving Netherlands
55 Ceri Smith (0) Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
56 Lisa James (0) Senior Campaigns Officer Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
57 Kajal Odedra (0) Campaigns Officer Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
58 Laura Keely (0) Campaigns Manager Macmillan Cancer Support United Kingdom
59 Florian Engel (5) strategy & design lead more onion Austria
60 Elisabeth Griessler (2) more onion CFO, Attac Austria Board more onion, Attac Austria Austria
61 Pelle Aardema (3) Open development evangelist Open for Change Netherlands
62 Ruth Coustick (0) Supporter Officer Open Rights Group United Kingdom
63 Louise Weinzweig (0) Activism Coordinator Oxfam Cymru United Kingdom
64 Rachel George (0) Campaigns Project Manager (Digital) Oxfam GB United Kingdom
65 Cassie Eades (0) Global Campaigner Oxfam GB United Kingdom
66 Richard Casson (2) Digital producer Oxfam GB United Kingdom
67 Valentina Montanaro (0) Global Campaigner Oxfam GB United Kingdom
68 Al Kinley (0) Digital Campaigner Oxfam GB United Kingdom
69 Selina Shelley (0) Southern Campaign Lead Oxfam GB United Kingdom
70 Eddy Lambert (1) Global Digital Campaigns Manager Oxfam GB United Kingdom
71 Judith Orland (3) Campaigns and Communication, Social Media and Outreach Manager Oxfam Germany Germany
72 Elena Cornellana (2) Web editor Oxfam International Spain
73 Joel Bassuk (5) Digital Communications Manager Oxfam International United Kingdom
74 Julia Lozar (0) Volunteer online campaigning Oxfam Novib Netherlands
75 Dan Howe (0) Digital Marketing Manager PETA UK United Kingdom
76 Michiel Dethmers (2) Lead developer phpList Ltd Argentina
77 Penny East (0) Communications Executive Prince's Regeneration Trust United Kingdom
78 Andy Pike (0) Campaigns Officer PETA UK United Kingdom
79 Rosie Parkin (1) Digital Marketing Executive (Campaigns) Save the Children UK United Kingdom
80 James Birchall (1) Digital Analyst Save the Children UK United Kingdom
81 Kadifa Jones (0) Web Developer Save the Children UK United Kingdom
82 Lucy Nicholson (0) Digital Project Manager Save the Children UK United Kingdom
83 Per-Åke Adolfsson (0) IT-project manager Sector 5 AB Sweden
84 Danielle de Bruin (0) Campaigns Assistant Stroke Association United Kingdom
85 Emma Nye (0) Campaigner Stroke Association United Kingdom
86 Helen Hector (0) Digital Content Manager The ONE campaign United Kingdom
87 Peter Taylor (3) Digital Producer The ONE campaign United Kingdom
88 Rebecca Owen (0) Senior Supporter Engagement Officer WaterAid United Kingdom
89 Ross Bailey (0) Ross Bailey, Campaigner, WaterAid. WaterAid United Kingdom
90 Glyn Thomas (1) Digital manager WDM United Kingdom
91 Jen Davis (0) Digital Campaigns and Community Producer Which? United Kingdom
92 Hannah Cornford (0) Communications Manager WMD Awareness Programme United Kingdom
93 Kaye Brennan (3) Senior Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy Woodland Trust United Kingdom
94 Oliver Newham (0) Senior Campaigner – Ancient Woodland Woodland Trust United Kingdom
95 Lorena Sparenberg (1) Junior Digital Manager WSPA International United Kingdom
96 Branislava Milosevic (8) International Head of Digital WSPA International United Kingdom
97 Richard Osborne (0) Digital Projects Manager WSPA International United Kingdom
98 Samantha Di Talamo (0) Communications Manager WSPA International United Kingdom
99 Lucy Bertenshaw (0) Campaign Adviser WWF UK United Kingdom
100 Yael Rosenfeld (0) Campaigner WWF UK United Kingdom
101 Siobhan Wakely (0) Senior Engagement Manager WWF UK United Kingdom

Numbers in brackets indicate how many past ECF events they have participanted in.

by Duane Raymond published Apr 02, 2013,