Criteria for ECF Hiring/RFP Posts

Criteria for posting job offers, request for proposals, recommendations for consultants, developers or training, paid event promotions, etc.

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ECF: 3600+ practitioner and managers

The eCampaigning Forum (ECF) community list is a worldwide network of more than 3600 campaigners, digital experts, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, managers, agencies, consultants and freelancers. At least 60% are UK based with other clusters in the rest of Europe, Australia/New Zealand, North America and Latin America, Africa and Asia.

£45 costFree
  • 30 day listing for each role with distinct title, location and contract type
  • Listed in ECF job email roundup
  • Individual posting to ECF list
  • Support
  • 1 time, 7 day listing for 1 role
  • Listed in ECF job email roundup
  • No individual ECF post
  • Max. 1 free listing / month
  • No support
  • London / flexi-location jobs
  • Want support and/or 30 day listing
  • Anyone may post a job (not just established ECF members)
  • Also cost: recommendations for agencies, consultants, trainers or freelancers
Any one of:
  • Non-London job
  • Tiny NGO (< 10 full time equivalent) and salary is under £25k/year
  • Non-English language job
  • Projects under £1k value
  • Recommendations for tools and platforms
+ Only people who have been an ECF members for 30+ days can make free posts.

ECF list hiring posts for London-based, flexible location, non-ECF members and if you want support cost £45. This includes recommendations for agencies, consultants and freelancers. Non UK hiring/recommendation posts and those by tiny organisations are still free.

All are subject to the guidelines below unless otherwise stated.

3-Step Process

  1. Complete the opportunity listing form
  2. Pay the fee (if required) after completing the form (or on this page)
  3. Paid posts only (optional): Send an email to practitioners (at) promoting the job spec following the criteria below (this doubles the attention to opportunity receives!)

Note: The weekly email job roundup is sent to the ECF community around 14:00 GMT/UTC - any jobs posted after that will be included in the next week's round-up.



  • All postings that involve a commercial transaction/benefit between two parties fall under this criteria.
  • Posts will be released to the community each Fridays (but you can post any day and it will be held)

If your post is rejected, re-post it once your email fulfils the following criteria. To re-post, use the 'Forward' feature (and remove 'Fwd' prefix).

  1. One job/request per post

  2. Subject line must contain (90% of posts leave out city and country and get rejected):
    1. Prefix suggestions:
      1. 'Hiring:' - jobs for experienced people
      2. 'RFP:' (request for proposals) - to attract proposals
      3. 'Intern:' - Low experience roles, ideally paid a bit
      4. 'Wanted:' - for recommendations (agency, freelancer, specialist in video, etc.)
    2. Job title / expertise required
    3. Organisation name. If posted by an agency then the organisation sector.
    4. Location: city and country (or 'anywhere' if remote) (ECF is a global community)
  3. Friday is the only day Hiring/RFP/Recommendation/Intern posts are released to the list
    1. They may be submitted any day but will held until the next Friday
    2. As a global list, 'Friday' covers 48 hours covering New Zealand to Hawaii
    3. Jobs/RFPs/Intern/Recommendation requests can be posted anytime on the ECF LinkedIn Group

  4. Provide a link to a job description and other extra information, not an attachment

  5. Email to practitioners (at) (not post to practitioners-owner!)

The list administrator has no way of editing the subject line. They can only accept/reject a post and thus posters must get it correct.

Subject Line Examples

Good: Hiring: Campaigns Director, Oxfam, Oxford, UK
Good: Wanted: Design agency recommendations, NSPCC, anywhere
Good: RFP: Drupal and CRM support, Poetry Society, Sydney, Australia


  • No prefix: Campaigns Director, Oxfam, Oxford, UK
  • No organisation: Hiring: Campaigns Director, Oxford, UK
  • No location: Hiring: Campaigns Director, Oxfam
  • No role: Hiring: various roles, Oxfam, Oxford, UK
  • No country: Hiring: Campaigns Director, Oxfam, Oxford
  • No city: Hiring: Campaigns Director, Oxfam, UK

Recommendation requests replies

Replies to recommendation requests should go directly to the poster and not to the ECF list. Posts to the ECF email list will be rejected. The recipient may gather all requests and post them to the list.

by Duane Raymond published Jul 19, 2013,
Hiring via ECF?

Effective 1 Aug 2016:

  • £45 per hiring / RFP posts
  • £45 per request for recommendations of agencies / consultants / specialist freelancers
  • Tiny organisations exempt

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