Criteria: posting events to the ECF list

Criteria for event postings to the ECF community email list

ECF: 3500+ practitioner and managers

The eCampaigning Forum (ECF) community list is a worldwide network of more than 3500 campaigners, digital experts, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, managers, agencies, consultants and freelancers. At least 50% are UK based with other clusters in the rest of Europe, Australia/New Zealand, North America and Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Posting events to the ECF list is currently free, but will be only released to the list on Mondays and they must follow the guidelines below.


  • You need to have been a member of the ECF community list for at least 30 days in order to make an event post. If you've been on the list for less or are just joining to make a post, a cash contribution is expected.
  • Events with
  • Each event will only be released to the list once (and if re-posted, it will be rejected)
  • Posts will only be released to the community on Mondays (but you can post any day and it will be held)
  • All non ECF/DLF events fall under this criteria. ECF events can be posted anytime because this list/community was formed around ECF events!

If your post is rejected, re-post it once your email fulfills the following criteria. To re-post, use the 'Forward' feature (and remove 'Fwd' prefix).

  1. Subject line criteria: "Event: Writing great emails, Jul 5, London, UK"

    60% of posts leave out city and country and get rejected
    1. Prefix suggestions:
      1. 'Event' - generic event
      2. 'Webinar' - online event
      3. 'Training' - training event
      4. Other: 'Meet up', 'Conference', 'Debate', etc.
    2. Event title/topic
    3. Date and time of the event
    4. Location: city and country (or 'anywhere' if remote) (ECF is a global community)
  2. One event per post

  3. No attachments. Link!

  4. Post to practitioners (at)

    Posts to practitioners-bounced are auto deleted and to practitioners-owner to to the list moderator!

The list administrator has no way of editing the subject line. They can only accept/reject a post and thus posters must get it correct.

How to post

  • Email it to:
  • You must post from a subscribed email address otherwise it will be rejected.
by Duane Raymond published Jul 19, 2013,
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Suggested contribution

  • £50 per training/conference
  • £25 other events

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