Event COVID Safety Policy

  1. Below 800 ppm CO2: The venue staff monitor CO2 levels in each of the rooms and open doors and windows to keep co2 levels in a range of less than 800 CO2 ppm
  2. CO2 metres will be provided for each room so participants can monitor the levels and act independently if needed
  3. HEPA air filters will be organised (depending on availability) for the main theatre room and another meeting room. Sessions can be assigned to those rooms when people form whom a HEPA filter is important wish to join that session.
  4. Disinfectant: All rooms have hand disinfectant available
  5. Solo/distanced dining area: A distanced or even separate eating area (and coffee break area) can be arranged (and if it is nice it can be outside on tables)
  6. Ventilated seat priority: Seats by doors (to outdoors) can be reserved for vulnerable people
  7. Testing: Test using a Covid lateral flow test is before joining the event and if you test positive, please send a substitute. Lateral flow test will be made available at the event reception desk. Be sure to have a substitute participant lined up in case you test positive as refunds less than 15 days before the event are not possible (due to the venue cancellation deadlines)
  8. FFP2, FFP3 or (K)N95 masks: Mask wearing is supported and encouraged. Extras will be available at the event reception desk if needed.
  9. After the event, participants will be asked to report if they tested positive for covid or other airborne illnesses so that other participants can be alerted. The identity of anyone reporting an illness will remain confidential.