How to write a great web brief

How to write a great web brief The path to a great website or interactive tool can often be a rocky one. Rachel Collinson shares some insights from the agency perspective on how to get the result you need, on time and on budget, AND have a happy relationship with your suppliers. You probably...

Should I include a budget in my RFP?

How to write a great web brief

A resounding (but qualified) yes, from agency, developer and client perspectives, with some more tips on making your Request for Proposals as effective as possible (and some extended car metaphors).

How do I get more people to sign my petition?

How to write a great web brief Suggestions and advice from the Campaigning Forum email list on that campaigning fundamental – how do you create a compelling call to action, and how do you reach people who might respond to it? Getting people to sign your petition “Make the impact and theory of...