Join the European Campaign Forum 2024 in Berlin

Oct 23-24 | Berlin, Germany


At the Campaign Forum, you set your agenda and we help you find others who share it. Speakers and workshops are there to provoke thought. Result: you learn more and connect with more people. This is the way events should be.

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 Join the online community connecting campaigning practitioners workwide.

The Campaigning Forum Community (aka ECF)

Thousands of campaigning practitioners sharing and supporting each other via a moderated email discussion list.

Your peers are waiting for you to join.

Leave a lasting impression with postcards

Use PostBug to send printed post to people in power
Decision makers get too many emails, direct messages and mentions. But postcards and letters stand out – especially when they include a personal message. With printed post, quality, not quantity, leaves a lasting impression on decision makers (and supporters too!)
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Strategic advice and support for high impact

Tap into 30+ years of campaigning, digital and communications  experience to guide you.

PostBug: Online to offline actions

Recruit highly experienced and connected talent

Find top candidates for projects and salaried jobs from members of the Campaigning Forum community and beyond.

PostBug: Online to offline actions

Influence decision makers more with printed post

PostBug is a platform that instantly turns online messages into printed postcards and letters that are posted to decision makers.

The campaigning sectors' most loved and copied events.

We organise and run participant-led events that provide highly effective learning experience that last a lifetime.

Jobs: salaried and freelance

Post and find jobs via the Campaigning Forum Community: a deep pool of a growing range of campaigning talent and opportunities.

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